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1. What are the allowable exemptions for hosing?
2. Is there an exemption to the watering schedule for landscape establishment?
3. How long do I have to repair a water leak?
4. Can Restaurants & Food Service establishments serve water?
5. Are ornamental water fountains allowed?
6. What are the rules for irrigating Turf or Ornamental landscapes?
7. Are drip irrigation systems exempt from the watering schedule?
8. What are the rules for using water slide or bounce house with a water slide?
9. What are the rules for swimming pools and kiddie pools?
10. What is the protocol for car washing?
11. Does the City of Modesto offer assistance in setting my sprinkler timer?
12. Can I water outdoor potted plants on non watering days?
13. If I have a private well, do I have to adhere to the watering schedule?