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Teaching Seniors Technology Volunteer Form

  1. Age Requirements*

    Please select the appropriate box. You must be at least 15 years old (with parental consent) to participate as a volunteer in the program.

  2. Volunteer Commitment *

    How long would you like to volunteer for this program?

  3. Time Availability *

    This program takes place from 2:30PM-4:00PM every Wednesday

  4. Select the day you would like to begin

  5. Weekly Volunteer*

    How many weeks would you like to volunteer?

  6. Volunteer Waiver

    Every single volunteer must turn in a signed waiver before participating. You can find the waiver online. Please print and sign the waiver. Return the waiver to our office, 211 Bodem Street in Modesto, using one of the below options.

  7. Method for Returning Waiver

  8. Please fill out the form and save it to your device prior to choosing this method.

  9. Please read carefully before submitting this document.

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