Modesto Convention & Visitors Bureau Board of Directors


The City of Modesto is relaunching the Modesto Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) as an independent 501(c)(6) within the next sixty (60) days. As part of the transition, a new Board of Directors will be appointed and the City is seeking qualified applicants to serve on the board.

The Modesto Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation organized under the Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law of California, shall be operated exclusively for non‐profit trade or business development purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation. 

Specific purposes for which this Corporation was formed are as follows:

  • Attract visitors to the area by promoting and marketing Modesto as a convention, sports, tourism, and leisure travel destination.
  • Provide coordination and leadership for the community and the visitor industry on matters relating to convention activity and tourism.
  • Gather community information designed to convey to opinion leaders and the public at large the status of the visitor industry.
  • Work with local governmental agencies, private enterprise and other interested parties to structure suitable financing plans for the Corporation, and to implement those plans. 

The Corporation shall be non-profit, non-partisan, and shall neither participate in nor lend its support to the election of any candidate for public office.


Each initial appointment to the Board of Directors shall be a resident of the City of Modesto or Stanislaus County, or an employee of a business located in the City of Modesto or its metropolitan area, however, at least a majority of the appointees must be residents of the City of Modesto.  The appointments shall be selected so that the composition of the Board meets the following:  

  • Three Board members shall represent a major entertainment, restaurant, sports venue, or retail business or attraction in the City of Modesto and reside in Stanislaus County. 
  • Two Board members shall represent the lodging industry within the City of Modesto and shall reside in Stanislaus County.  
  • Two Board members shall be residents of the City of Modesto and may or may not be directly associated with the tourism, hospitality or entertainment industries, but shall have demonstrated an interest in the City.

Application & Package

The application deadline has been reached.  No further applications will be considered beyond February 20, 2019.

Applicants who have applied will be notified of their status by the Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods office.