Commercial Cannabis Regulations

Commercial Cannabis - Limitations on Number of Businesses

There will be no restriction on the number of commercial businesses other than dispensaries, which will be limited to a maximum of 10 within Modesto city limits. No dispensaries will be permitted Downtown (see information below).

Commercial Cannabis – Delivery Services Prohibited

No cannabis delivery services, including delivery to customers as well as non-storefront retail  facilities,  will be permitted within the City limits.

Commercial Cannabis - Regulation on Location of Business

Commercial cannabis activities will be allowed in specified zones subject to certain buffers.  Buffers are 600 feet from schools, daycare establishments and youth centers, 200 feet from parks and libraries, and 100 feet from residential property.

No commercial cannabis activity is permitted in a defined Downtown area.  The area affected is shown in the map below:

Prohibited Commercial Cannabis Area Map (JPG)

The description of the area shown in the map is as follows:  The Downtown Cannabis Prohibition Overlay shall include all properties shown within the border on the map above, including all properties that front either side of the following streets: Needham Street; Kansas Avenue, from Highway 99 to 9th Street; Downey Avenue, from McHenry Avenue to Burney Street; Burney Street, from Downey Avenue to Jennie Street; and D Street, from Jennie Street to Highway 99.  Additionally, if any parcel is partially within the Downtown Cannabis Prohibition Overlay, all commercial cannabis uses shall be prohibited on the entire parcel.

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