Performance Matters

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Performance Matters, our community dashboard, is a quarterly snapshot of the City's progress in attaining key outputs and outcomes. This Dashboard reinforces our steadfast commitment to effective, responsive, and transparent government. Through this community dashboard and other performance measurement initiatives we are tracking and reporting our overall progress toward our departmental and City-wide 2015-2018 Strategic Commitments.

Strategic Commitments & Initiatives


Strategic Commitments
Healthy Economy

Healthy Economy and Great Quality of Life

Increase the City's proactive economic development efforts by creating and preserving jobs, strengthening our economic base and enhancing the City's revenue base.
Vibrant Community

Vibrant Infrastructure and Sustainable Environment

Strengthen and maintain a safe infrastructure of city roads, water supply, storm sewers, transit and airport needs for residents, businesses and visitors.
Great Safe Neighborhoods

Great Safe Neighborhoods

Explore new approaches to public safety, working in partnership with the community to reduce crime and maintain a safe and inviting community in which to live, work and play. Increase collaboration with neighborhoods and school City﴾s﴿ to achieve quality of life improvements, and safe neighborhoods through supporting community self‐reliance, problem solving and public/private partnerships.
Effective Government

Effective Responsive and Transparent Government

Enhance the organizations' commitment to the 9 principles of EMBRACE IT, develop new and creative methods to leverage technology, market organizational strengths and remain dedicated to seeking efficiencies and continuous improvement.

Great Safe Neighborhoods

Safer Neighborhoods

The Safer Neighborhoods Initiative is a plan to increase public safety and reduce crime, improve police and fire response times, and increase participation/collaboration with neighborhood groups by focusing resources on: crime and fire prevention, public safety resources, growing neighborhood leadership capacity, positive youth activities, homelessness and tagging prevention.
Great Safe Neighborhoods

City of Great Neighborhoods

The City of Great Neighborhoods Initiative, through partnering with our citizens, will enhance neighborhood capacity, engage our community and leverage our valuable resources to develop new models of service delivery that meet the needs for successful families and youth, and raise the quality of life and opportunity for success in every neighborhood.
Great Safe Neighborhoods

Safer Schools

The Safer Schools Initiative is a collaborative project bringing key stakeholders together from neighborhood partners, schools, city, county, and businesses to ensure our school kids are safe. This program will identify and address a broad range of issues around safety including but not limited to neighborhood engagement, education for pedestrians and bikers, lighting and cameras in parks and alleys, traffic signals, safe drop off and pick up areas, sidewalks and crossing areas, vehicle traffic and parking.